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Freedom to get your own website

It has never been easier to get your own website. At WebsiteGreece we build it for you, without incurring the cost of its construction. You choose the template of the website you like, contact us for details and in a few days you have your own website.

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To reach your customers you will go through the internet

The way products and services are now marketed has changed. Shoppers search for the product or service that interests them on the internet while also researching businesses in order to learn more information. Are you sure that if someone searches for you on the internet they will find something attractive that will make them your customer?

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You are involved in the development of your company and we take care of your website

The operation of a modern Greek company is a daily challenge with many parameters.
WebsiteGreece helps small businesses by offering them the opportunity to get their own professional web page in the easiest, most economical and fastest way.

The construction of your website is complete within 5 days!

The timeline of the construction of the website in 3 steps!

Step 1

You choose the website template that corresponds to your business

At WebsiteGreece we have a collection of many different templates of professional websites, which are immediately available for use. Each professional category has its own website template. However, if your business does not fall into one of the available business categories or you feel that your business meets the standard of another business category, you can take advantage of what you want.

Step 2

Website construction

In this step, you give us the texts and photos in order to complete the construction. In case you do not have the texts ready and you do not have the time to write them, our specialized collaborators can undertake the writing and editing of them. The strict quality criteria that accompany the construction of our websites, allow us to guarantee the speed, security and friendliness of the website to mobile.

Step 3

The website is Live

In the third and final step, you are invited to give us your approval in order to activate your website and make its content available to all online users. In addition, at this stage, we will help your website to appear in search engines, while at the same time we will present the actions you need to do to take advantage of your website and increase its visitors and potential customers.

Our constructions

Our constructions are carefully designed to meet all modern standards and regulations and offer:
Security by design
High speed
Excellent Appearance

GDPR compliance

Mobile friendly appearance on the website for guides, on computer, mobile and tablet.

The tourism sector is perhaps the most important pillar of the Greek economy. We believe that you need a quality upgrade of our tourism product to continue to be competitive. More..

Mobile friendly appearance on the website for guides, on computer, mobile and tablet.

The medical industry has been at the forefront of growth and innovation in recent years. However, this is not technologically reflected in the websites of doctors. We can help you highlight your scientific work and how you can help. More...

Mobile friendly appearance on the website for guides, on computer, mobile and tablet.

With the modern way of life that we do, we will definitely at some point be led to a fitness area. What will make us choose the gym or the martial arts school? More...

Mobile friendly appearance on the website for guides, on computer, mobile and tablet.

The field of beauty is a rapidly growing world with high competition. Many customers would make a short trip to reach the place that will beautify them. How can they learn about the quality of your work? More...

Mobile friendly appearance on the website for guides, on computer, mobile and tablet.

In Greece, learning foreign languages is very popular. As a result, there is a lot of competition in the industry and end-users find it difficult to choose the best tutorial. Help them make the right decision by "talking" about you. More...

Mobile friendly appearance on the website for guides, on computer, mobile and tablet.

With tourism growing more and more, tourists will seek to find a guide who will make them travel to the beauties of Greece. How easily can a group of tourists approach you? More...

Why WebsiteGreece is the best choice:

Freedom to get the website you want.

Whether you want to promote your business, show off some of your work or start your own blog - you can do it all with our help.

Choose the template and build your unique Online presence.

We will create for you for free a quick construction that you can see more comfortably if it suits you and how we can help.

Add additional functions.

Along with the website, start your own Blog, get your own professional email. If you are not sure you need them from the beginning, you can add them anytime you want in the future.

Ease of use and beautiful blog.

Create a Dazzling Blog, Grow Your Community and Share Your Ideas. We have chosen one of the easiest tools on the market to create posts safely and beautifully.

Optimized website for mobile.

It looks great on any screen, with its responsive design. See our page now from computer, mobile or tablet. You do not find it difficult to read what he writes nor do you move left and right to continue.

Select domain name.

Choose your own domain name for the website, to match your business and the name you want to create.

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