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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

It is true that choosing your website partner is of great importance. There is a great number of choices you are requested to choose from and you need to find the best balance of what you need and what is offered. To help you out, we wrote some qualities that we believe your next website designer should have.

1. Good aesthetics, modern and practical designs. Check your designer's website first. It is the first thing you should search as this indicates a number of qualities before even meeting them in person. Do they follow a modern design? Is it mobile friendly? Do you have multiple ways to contact them? We advice to avoid designers with no website for themselves! (Yes we have come across with some of them).

2. It should be stated clearly what is provided by the provider and what is not. It is not bad for your partner not to do everything, as long as what is mentioned to be covered is of good quality. The market is expanding fast and in order to specialize and do something good, you sacrifice broad options. You should be cautious.

3. Delivery times and cost analysis. This part is very hard to get at the initial stages. The very nature of this market is very difficult to estimate both delivery times and costs. You should put your judgment on what you are told. There are very serious companies out there, listen to them carefully.

4. If it is too technical, ask them to explain. Do not be afraid to ask questions. You need to have a clear image of what you are paying for even though your technical knowledge might be limited.

Your image to the world of the internet is your exact website. An old-fashioned and outdated design shows a corresponding image for your company itself which may not be true. A modern image elevates in a nice way the content. Imagine you want to show a beautiful meal in a picture. We are making sure you get a great plate which will elevate your dish! If the same meal is placed in a broken, dirty plate the impression is going for the taste of the food as well. However, for someone to order that meal, he has to be persuaded first.

Companies like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail etc. give to everyone the opportunity to have an email for free. The email address however, includes the name of that company, which might be ok for consumers, but for companies that have their own business ID is not appropriate. Imagine your bank was using one of these free emails, what impression would that make to you?

For your website to be accessible any time from any place of the world, is hosted in High available Datacenters. In short, it is the storage space where the website is saved so that everyone can access it. As you might have already understood, it is the least expensive way to advertise in global scale.

We have spent a great amount of time to generate these website templates so that you will have a picture of our work. We decided to not charge it to our customers. Hence we can provide an annual service, without the commitment from your side to huge investments upfront.

You may change the content as you wish and chose the pictures that will be placed at given places on the templates. Make sure the content you share to us to upload on the website has your own Intellectual property.

We can build from the beginning a website for you, according to the website templates, so that it can be hosted in our Datacenter. We will not accept to host content that was not created by us. The reason for doing this is because we want to guarantee our high quality services to you, and we do not want to risk it supporting issues that may rise from your previous designer.

Our objective is to add value to your company and we will be sad to see you go. However, you may stop the service anytime with no hidden exit fees.

Of course you may do as many changes as you like. Please contact us to take care of it.

The delivery time is a crucial factor you should take into account when choosing your website partner. At WebsiteGreece from the moment we have the pictures and texts from your side, we usually need 5 working days for the website to be fully constructed and deployed. A process that usually takes months, we managed to minimize it to 5 days. If you need to achieve a specific deadline please let us know beforehand.

After agreeing on the service you want from us, we will need the texts and the pictures to complete the setup of the new website.

You may chose the languages you want the content to appear, having the same pictures and website design for all languages.

You may send your photos and texts electronically, through a cloud storage (ex. Dropbox etc.), either through email or post office where you will send us a DVD/USB stick with the material.

You will be able to monitor your website traffic using Google Analytics through which you may also improve the content of the website and your business services.

Nowadays, there are multiple ways to access a website. Your customer might use a mobile device, a tablet, a computer. A website that is designed as “responsive” adjusts the way your website appears to the customer, depending on the means of access it is used.

You may receive bookings through the contact form, or through telephone or we may even link an external website you use for your bookings. The template we are using is not showing room availability through the website.

The content of the website is altered by us. You indicate the change that needs to be done and we take care of it. You do not need to have specialized Computer skills, but to indicate with accuracy the change you want to be done.

The website is offered as a yearly service and is not for sale.

The domain names registered through WebsiteGreece may be transferred to you if you wish to manage it yourself. Our objective is to provide value to you and if this is a way for you we will help you.

From the moment the prepared website templates cover your aesthetic and functional needs of your company you are welcome to use it, changing the texts and pictures accordingly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is a continuing process you need to follow through which your website will rank higher in the search engine results. The texts you prepare have to be relevant to your business. The fact that the websites we are creating are responsive, will give advantage to your ranking requirements, compared to the ones who are not responsive.

You may access your email through the mobile, a desktop/laptop using an email client (ex. MS Outlook) or through the use of a web browser. Your company ID is very important and having your business name on it is crucial. We will make sure you will be covered to have access to your emails from multiple sources. 

NO! The website we provide does not keep any kind of commission fees for the bookings that are completed through the website. Nor you are charged extra when you have high numbers of customers viewing the website. Our services are limited to providing you the domain name, the hosting and the emails.

Our service is annually charged. That way you do not have to invest heavily at the beginning of the cooperation, making it easier to start your website. The control is given to you.

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