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"If it is not on the internet...it probably does not exist!"

Nowadays, people search more and more on the internet for businesses through the internet. It has become an important part of our everyday lives to search online for any kind of information, to the point that if we cannot find something on the internet, we assume it does not exist at all! Traditional advertising and customer approah methods constantly change. Therefore, your presence on the internet has become a necessity to be able to attract new customers.

If you do not have already a website presence, it should be a priority in order to establish your business in the market. If you do have one, congratulations! However, you should keep it updated so that you have a vibrant business which attracts new customers with a contemporary look.

In order to be able to provide you with an extremely cost-effective service, we have built websites that we use as a basis. In this way we can guarantee:

  1. The quality and timing of the service you receive
  2. That the website to be built is mobile friendly and other standards.

Activity Areas

We focus on website building for specific segments of the market i.e. Hospitality, medical and beauty services (Hairdressing, Makeup artists, Manicure/Pedicure). Obviously, we are not confined to these areas alone and our goal is to help any professional who wants to gain Internet independence.  If your business can also be displayed through our website, we will be happy to hear from you.

How can we help you get a new website

How can we help?

Our objective is not to become another website development company. We offer the easiest, most beautiful, cost-effective and quick way to get your own web page.

We will listen to your concerns carefully and we will be honestly discussing the areas in which we can help you.

We always deliver what we promise with no unpleasant surprises!

How easy can someone get a website?

All of you who have make a step forward with a professional in order to consult you, you will have noticed that it is a quite complex, expensive and demanding process. The choices are infinite and the discussions can keep forever while the initial estimate for budget ends to be a lot higher than expected. As a result you have no clue on the final aesthetic result of your website spending valuable time on countless conversations.

How to get a new website

How are we different?

We strive to make the traditional process of building a website as easy and transparent as possible for you.
Pricing: Our prices are published on the website with the current prices.
Delivery time: From the moment we have received from you the texts and pictures, we need 5 working days for the website to be up and running.
Aesthetic result: We have built and use specific website templates so that you know how the end result will be with no surprises.

The most important fact is that you are not charged for the construction of the website except for the annual hosting and domain name.

Our goal is to create a long-lasting partnership where you will see profit for your business. Our services are on an annual basis. Contrary to the usual practice of asking a large amount  of investment to build the site in the first year.

Website from WebsiteGreece.com

Δείτε και μόνοι σας τη διαφορά.
Free construction
Μια κίνηση εμπιστοσύνης από εμάς για εσάς.

Usually website construction costs a lot, and you need to pay a significant amount of money at your beginning. We would like to give it free of charge to you in exchange of a long-lasting relationship of trust. Last but not least, we manage to reduce construction duration from months to 5 days!

Mobile friendly & Retina ready
On any screen, the website is adjusted to fit. 

Your customers do not have a single device to browse the internet. Why should your website be designed for just for a single device? Using our template you allow your website to adapt to all screens.

Reliable and Secure hosting of your website
Dedicate your time to your business and not to managing the website.

Even if you have the "perfect" design for your website, if the infrastructure hosting your website is not trustworthy, the image of your company is at risk. We offer uninterrupted hosting so that everyone in the world will be able to have access to it.

Search engine friendly
Make your customers find you

The site we recommend meets the technical specifications that search engines require to be promoted. Prepare your material properly and let your customers find you. We will guide you to the listing of the website in search engines etc.

Lets go through the construction

  • First day

    1. Collecting texts & Photos

    On the first day, we collect all the material that will be needed for the construction of the website. Photos, texts and positions to be placed are agreed. The domain name creation / transfer process starts at WebsiteGreece.com.

  • Second day

    2. Website and email creation begins

    The website gets formed with picture, texts, logos of the customer at the languages of his choice. At this stage the email mailboxes are formed as well.

  • Third day

    3. Construction is completed

    The website gets its existance which looks similar to the final one.

  • Fourth day

    4. In-depth quality control

    We test the website that has been built and corrective interventions are implemented to improve the final aesthetic and functional result.

  • Fifth day

    5. Quality control is complete and website is launched.

    The website is delivered in its final setup to reach your customers.

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Our services are provided in the form of an annual fee and follow the following price list.

Domain Name

Taxes are not included in the price
  • Choose your own name with which your customers will find you. The most popular endings are: .gr, .com
  • If you already have your own address, you can use it.
OFFER -50% 

Website (Hosting)

Regular price 200€/year
Taxes are not included in the price
  • The price includes full free website construction based on the template.
  • Hosting in a High Available datacenter.
  • Including construction in one language.
OFFER -50% 

Additional language

Regular price 160€/year
Taxes are not included in the price
  • You may choose a second language as an option for your website.
  • The photos are the same as those used for the first language.
  • The texts are modified for the language of your choice.
OFFER -50% 


Regular price 120€/year
Taxes are not included in the price
  • Finaly give an end to publicly used emails like yahoo, hotmail, gmail.
  • Use your own corporate name for email, increasing your brand awareness

How did we start?

The initial idea came to us when searching for a specific business online we understood that the absence or an old-fashioned website would give a bad reference for the company. Many of us have ignored a company with an old website or there were times that we had to travel a long distance to a company, to discover a few days later that there was a business very close to us, but we could not find on the internet.

We believe that it is time for the businesses to move to the next level. We created this team with the objective to provide to any willing company the means to go online. For those who have not been able to find an accountable partner, at a low budget, we decided to make the internet approachable!

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